Method Meets Art


This book presents the first comprehensive introduction to arts-based research (ABR) practices, which scholars in multiple disciplines are fruitfully using to reveal information and represent experiences that traditional methods cannot capture. Each of the six major ABR genres–narrative inquiry, poetry, music, performance, dance, and visual art–is covered in chapters that introduce key concepts and tools and present an exemplary research article by a leading ABR practitioner. Patricia Leavy discusses the kinds of research questions these innovative approaches can address and offers practical guidance for applying them in all phases of a research project, from design and data collection to analysis, interpretation, representation, and evaluation. Chapters include checklists to guide methodological decision making, discussion questions, and recommended print and online resources.

Personal Notes:

Looking at creative methods is fruitful for my research as it can help me adapt, learn and integrate different ways of doing research into curriculum. Art as a method might be a great starting point to rethink design methodologies from a less structured, more conceptual standpoint, which can inform some of my work of translating informal wisdom (such as indigenous storytelling) into design teachings.


Leavy, P. (2008). Method Meets Art, First Edition: Arts-Based Research Practice (First edition). The Guilford Press.