Business Conjecture


Queer Utopian theory, when used as a verb, encourages to build the future on new theory that centers queer people (especially queer people of color and the queer indigenous people). “Building back better” is a neoliberalism version of utopianism that will always fail and only serves cishet white people. This conjecture criticizes heteronormativity within current financial curriculum as well as physical queer safe spaces.

Lesbians face many financial prejudices. Spaces that are safe for them are dwindling due to lack of purpose outside of principle. There are only 21 Lesbian bars left in America. We are lucky to have one right here in Columbus, OH!

This conjecture combines Huntington with Slammers: Columbus’ very own lesbian bar! Slammers already participates in weekly trivia, but what is important here is that we are partnering with an established lesbian bar. Queer people seek queer people. This brings financial literacy to a queer safe space while encouraging queer members to feel empowered. To reach queer people you must support queer safe spaces, not try and make them come to you. This trivia would be most hopeful for queer people and BIPOC due to its curriculum that isn’t based on white, heteronormative structures.