Flatpack Cargo Space Organizer



The grocery delivery slot machine cartoon made me think of how limited grocery delivery slot times were caused by two issues: quickly skyrocketing increase in demand from lockdown as well as the worker shortage from people getting sick. Since cars with an abundance of cargo space, like the Honda Prologue prototype, are able to take multiple grocery orders at a time, they should be able to separate those orders for a quicker, more efficient service.


How can grocery delivery drivers with a large cubic area of cargo space utilize all of that space without it becoming disorganized in order to take an increase of orders at a time more efficiently?


Keeping in mind that gig workers do not typically have a substantial amount of disposable income to be able to throw at a new car, this conjecture is an add-on that gig workers can buy for their car rather than having to purchase a new car to more efficiently do their job. This is one large flatpack organizer. The user would be able to find various sizings for different car makes and models to ensure it would fit their car. The blue walls (A, B) would flip up from the outer edges and lock into place while the purple walls (1, 2, 3) would separate and slide out from the center column to be placed in the track rows. This ensures organization of the bottom interior space so multiple orders don’t mix together.