Frunk Storage



Out of the three EVs Ford has to offer for commercial and personal use, all three have skyrocketed in sales. Whether a customer is preordering groceries for pickup or delivery, EVs are surging into the market with force as each new one is introduced. These vehicles will start becoming the new normal and has already started happening with grocery stores buying commercial EVs for delivery services that have just started really taking off in the past couple of years.

Grocery pickup and delivery is going to continue to be a part of e-commerce. With various companies starting to offer in-home delivery services, the people working these jobs need all the space they can get to carry as many groceries and orders as possible considering that various delivery services take into account the size and amount of orders a driver can take at one time based off of the car that they drive. Parents with large grocery pickups also need all the space they can get. Both need a way to separate items to prevent breaking and spilling of contents. With that in mind, its only right that we utilize the frunk space as best we can.


How can we utilize frunk space for separating and storing groceries for travel?


Here is a frunk storage option that allows drivers to separate groceries based off of how fragile or robust they are. This frunk storage option allows fragile items like bread and chips to be split off from heavy and bulky items, like large bottles of juice. This keeps items from rolling around resulting in groceries being smushed or broken. The frunk has a slide out separator that clicks into the opposite side from which it came in order to keep it from retracting. It’s simple quite honestly, but addresses peoples need for more storage space as well as how to protect items from rolling around in the large trunk cargo area and damaging each other.