My 33 More Cartoons Show How The Covid-19 Pandemic Changed Our Lives



Irina is a designer from Russia that now lives in San Francisco. She works for a tech company during the day and spends her nights working on her creative projects. Shes previously worked for Facebook, Apple, Yahoo, and Adobe with her most well known work being the design of the Google Android logo, the first open-source logo. Shes worked on greeting cards, humorous jewelry, funemployed pins, and was a contestant on Shark Tank pitching her fashionable surgical masks back in 2009. With all the extra time she had during lockdown, she drew cartoons to shed a little laughter onto the situation we were all stuck in and how it changed our lives.

The cartoon I’m focusing on is number 16 on the list and is titled, ”Scoring a Grocery Delivery Slot Is Like Winning The Jackpot. In the image there are five slot machines labeled Whole Foods, Good Eggs, Instacart, Costco, and Amazon Fresh. There are three people sitting at the Whole Foods, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh slot machines with the person at the Amazon Fresh slot machine hitting the jackpot of a 7pm delivery. Their winnings of bread, produce, and canned goods are spilling out of the bottom while the other two slot machine players stare in disbelief.


Yet another example of someone speaking about Covid precautions before Covid happened except here, rather than just talking about it she went on Shark Tank to pitch a product that actually gained a lot of popularity in the start of the pandemic with the boom of mask sales so high that hospitals were even running low in stock of them. Right product, wrong time.

During the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, people were stuck in their homes and avoiding any contact with one another resulting in a huge shift to grocery preordering. Not only did this force grocery stores to adapt to this new demand, but it also forced customers to adapt to the “new normal” for the time being. With everyone switching to grocery shopping online at once as well as much of the workforce having to call off sick because of catching or being exposed to the virus, grocery stores were left underprepared and unable to meet demand immediately resulting in long wait times to get groceries delivered or even pick them up. Grocery pickup and delivery has proven that it is here to stay no matter how it evolves, but thankfully, long wait times have dissipated making this comic no longer true to today.


Publisher: BoredPanda

Author: Irina Blok

Date: 2021