Pizza Hut Canada Trials Serve Sidewalk Delivery Robot




This week Pizza Hut Canada announced they are partnering with sidewalk delivery robot startup Serve to run a two-week pilot program in Vancouver, B.C.

The trial will send the Serve robot to select customers’ doors when they place an order via the Pizza Hut app. Customers selected for the trial will be able to track the robot’s location via the app and will use a one-time pin to retrieve their order from the Pizza Hut-branded robot. 

While various Pizza Hut franchise owners have dabbled in using robotics to make pizzas, this is the first time that we’ve seen the chain use a robotic delivery vehicle. The partnership also marks a first for Serve Robotics as it’s the first time the startup has deployed its delivery bot in Canada.


Pizza hut is testing out a new line of robotic vehicles delivering food to customers’ homes. I believe that this new technology connects to my project because it shows how the use of this technology allows people to get their food without the hassle of having to leave their home. Some flaws I do see in this design is the trust in human honesty and the possible issues with certain terrains. It makes me wonder what could be added to this robotic delivery system to improve the quality of its services.