Item Detection System


The detection system came from learning about Amazon’s use of detection technology within their stores to know when a customer has picked up an item, what it is, and that they have it within their person or a cart for example. The technology alos allows customers to walk out of the store, and automatically charges the customer’s account for the items they have walked out with. Based on the information I have gathered, the systems Amazon uses are pretty accurate. A similar technolgy could be implemented into the trunk of a car, where the tech is used to detect items and can tell users where they were placed.

This concept brings up issues with grocery store accountability and accuracy of product delivery when a customer uses the curbside pickup option at a grocery store. Certain articles talking about the customer’s grocery curbsude experience detail several flaws or dislikes about the system, such as customers not getting the correct items, items being placed incorrectly within bags or the trunk itself or is not to the customers preference, items being placed with other items that shouldn’t be placed together, and getting produce that is not to the liking of the customer. The latter won’t be solved with detection technology perhaps, but items with barcodes can be detected for example by a system within a car that can read the item’s barcode form a distance, or by scanning the shape it can tell what the item is. The system would for example in relating to a curbside grocery pickup experience tell the owner what groceries are being put in their trunk, where the items in the trunk had been placed, and if any items have been left out or maybe placed in the wrong part of the trunk. Perhaps the system could even go further as to advise the employee who will be packing their groceries ahead of time where they prefer to have certain items placed within the trunk to avoid having to ask the customer directly. This would aid in alleviating any social anxiety related with employees having to talk to customers to get their preferences on certain things.