Business Conjecture: Odd Jobs


With children not having the legal opportunity to apply for a job and make their own money, what easier way for them to earn bits of money and attain labor experience than to complete community services and tasks around the house as a form of odd jobs? Seeing that entrepreneurship has become a more relevant topic in school curricula and more cashless options for children have opened up even for children who are too young to build their own credit, it is also never too early for them to understand the monetization process of their labor. After talking with several families around Columbus, the task-allowance process has taken numerous different forms from home to home. Although some families may pay a few cents for their child per small unit of labor such as 10¢ per plate they clean, some families will pay more expensive prices for labor-intensive tasks such as mowing the lawn for $20.

This conjecture provides a digital space for parents to place different mundane tasks for their tech-savvy children who presumably can manage them more efficiently with a mobile hotspot. Tasks are color-coded according to the intensity of the job. Ranges of intensity and payment can be adjusted and monitored by the guardian and when the task is completed, the cards that are connected with the guardian and child will be transferred and removed from the map. Tasks do not need to only be limited inside the home, but outside as well for tasks such as shopping, gardening, cleaning, and other errands.