Design Conjecture: Guided Therapy Program


This conjecture features a system to be used in conjunction with the sleeve. Using a combination of technology, such as image detection in order to track and prompt movement of the sleeve, in addition to visual and auditory cues such as screen prompts and music, this system would guide a user through the various steps of therapy in order to facilitate proper exercise and engagement by the user.

The system is a simple-plug and install on a TV and an image-detecting camera would simply be placed on top of the TV or on a stand in such a way that the user is easily seen. With over 85% of Americans owning a TV in their house, a simple setup would enable a large demographic of users to participate in this system.

The program would have various options to cycle through such as guided exercises in which the patient would select something such as, “Upper extremity stretches” and engage in that, do an entire routine, or make up a routine/expression by recording their own movement that can be played back and shared with others in order to prompt a sense of self-expression and community through the sharing of these exercises.

Conjecture Analysis

This conjecture was a combination of both science/tech and arts. By using current technology and science such as AI and image tracking that’s shown to have benefits in therapy in conjunction with music and ability to afford self-expression and community, I think those are this conjecture’s strongest points.

Something that still needs to be considered with this conjecture is the program offerings itself, the capabilities of a user to control and select various settings on the TV with the sleeve on and diminished physical capabilities, the ability and access to the internet to share various exercises and more.

I think that this conjecture is a logical starting point and a good general idea for developing and addressing all the items that the sleeve should consider in its first market iteration, though the smaller details need to be addressed.