One Bag


One Bag is a vehicle accessory provided to allow users to place multiple loose items in a single bag, and have that bag function as both a place to hold things inside the vehicle and then take that out to carry anywhere with you. While most grocery shops will give you bags with your purchases, sometimes people don’t always like to use the bags provided, specially if they are plastic bags or if they are not able to carry multiple heavier items at a time.

The accessory comes as a flat piece of material that is durable and waterproof, and can be layed flat inside the trunk of your car. The bag has a marked area for people to put items in so that the bag will close correctly. Once all of the items are placed in the bag you can velocrow the edges together and use the handles to secure the bag to a hook inside of the car or to use to carry with you.

The bag could potentially be customiziable as well, featuring designs that the customer would be more interested in to match their aesthetic. This accessory would not necessairly be in place of bags people already own but rather would add to the experience of shopping and needing to secure items inside the car or just to have something extra to carry items in.