The Effects of Stroke on the Body



A stroke effects several parts of the body of its survivor which can cause long-term injuries and needs immediate care. Damages to the area of the brain that controls specific movements can cause the patient to have trouble with these functions. Such as the Respiratory system, swallowing difficulties can lead to pneumonia and complications to the lungs.

Nervous system, thinking and memory problems, less emotional control, difficulty making decisions, visual problems, and poor hand-eye coordination. Muscular system, either the right or left side of the body may experience loss of feeling and lose the ability to move certain muscles. There are also multiple other effects depending on what kind of stroke the patient had.


The rehabilitation of the patient requires a lot of attention for his mental and physical state, so in order to help the patient fully it’s crucial to understand what kind of symptoms he/she has and how to accommodate and avoid any kind of further disturbance or injury for the patient. The rehabilitation requires the care taker or medical professional to have the patient do certain exercises or probably wear a tech device that helps with the recovery of certain body parts, so all these information needs to be considered as a factor that might be in the way of the outcome needed from the rehabilitation.