Self-Driving Grocery Delivery Cars




Customers can shop via or the Fry’s Food Stores mobile app, and place their order based on available time slots. Grocery orders can be scheduled for same-day or next-day delivery by Nuro’s fleet of self-driving vehicles for a flat $5.95 fee with no minimum order. Currently, the two companies are using a self-driving Toyota Prius fleet but will soon transition to R1 robot delivery pod/vehicles this fall. This model can help us improve the overall service and customer experience. The R1s don’t have drivers, so those will presumably present an entirely different experience for the customer when those roll out. When all these programs run for real, you’ll have robots packing your groceries, which will be loaded into autonomous vehicles that will deliver them to your door any time of day or night.


Frysfoods is testing out a new way to get your groceries delivered to you by the use of driverless vehicles. I think that this idea will help business deliver to their customers in an easy and more convenient way. I do believe this system still has some flaws when it comes to the technology not being up to date with driverless vehicles yet.