The Health Benefits of Music

Jamie Payne


Music has been the subject of numerous academic studies around the world, investigating its beneficial effects on health and mental wellness. While you may be aware of these effects first-hand, research has consistently proven that listening to music can often make a more powerful impact than medication on your health and well-being. The four way listening to music can be good for you is that it can boost your happiness, enhances your immune system, maximizes you workout, and improve sleep quality.

While you may have experienced the effects anecdotally, listening to your favorite music is a proven, easy way to elevate your mood. Listening to certain genres of music elevates your immune system function, possibly helping you recover from colds and other seasonal illnesses more quickly.

According to recent research, your favorite fast-tempo music may inspire you to work out more intensely, increasing your heart rate while making the exercise feel like less effort. While the effect is greater with endurance exercises such as biking or jogging, it also has a positive impact on high-intensity workouts like swimming laps and jumping rope.

While upbeat music boosts workout performance, soothing music can calm you down and help you sleep better at night. Research has shown that listening to relaxing classical music reduces anxiety and decreases respiration, blood pressure, and heart rate, helping to relax muscles and distract you from your thoughts. If you’re having trouble falling asleep, try some soothing music as a natural and safe alternative to medication.


Although listen to music these days have become a norm for many, whether it is walking to classes, or to your nearest café, music can help pass the time and boredom a lot quicker than just silence. But beyond just passing time, music has other indirect benefits to someone’s health, whether it’s improving their happiness, becoming healthier from working out more, and improving sleep quality by listening to music.

Listening to music can make a very mundane and stressful activity into something more and also keep you company when you want to be alone or when no one else is around but want to fill the silence with something more. Music can bring out motivation an individual needs to start or continue to finish a task.