Collapsible Trunk Organizer


My design conjecture after reading several articles about new material technolgy and mechanical technology made me realized all of these things could be combined to create an accesory integrated into the vehicle itself to allow people to organize their groceries more clearly and efficiently within their vehicle.

The design would involve a removable flat pack organizer that doubles in purpose. When the organizer is not in use, it lays flat and creates a sturdy surface to replicate the traditional function of a vehicle’s trunk. When the owner wants to lets say, store the groceries they’ve picked up curbside, they can pull the hidden tabs on the top of the shelves and hook them onto the sides of the trunk walls to reveal a sectioned organizer. It would have about 8 square shaped storage compartments lined with a flexible material to help organize their groceries and allow the person packing their groceries in their trunk to have an easier time placing them neatly in the vheicle. This would allow the customer to also find what they need in their trunk and priotirtize how they want to start putting away their groceries. Maybe they want heavier colder items in the back and lighter items that don’t need refrigeration upfront, or vice versa if they want to access the frozen items first to prioritize storing them first when they get them out of their vehicle.

I came to this conjecture based on the functionality of the renault concept that stretches on command. Most accesories for trunk storage are purchased by customers aftermarket. Some use recycled items like bins and boxes to store their groceries in their vehicle. Incorporating a built in design that explands out to become an organizer would not only add to the functionality of a trunk but it could be stored easily enough into the vehicle when not in use. The built in organizer could also be made from the materials dscussed in some the articles, such as a plastic made from carbon. This design would incorporate advanced materials to complement the functionaly of convertible storage to provide vehicle owners a more efficient and functional trunk space.