Design Conjecture- Becoming an Artist for Dummies


When I meet new people and the topic of art comes up, I hear the same sentence every time, “I am no artist, I can’t even draw a stick figure.” or “I can’t even draw a straight line.”

But, in fact, you can. Anything you create can be art; you can tape a banana to a wall, you can pile 1000 chairs in an empty lot, you can draw a singular dot on a piece of paper. Art is a marvelous thing because what it really boils down to is the emotion that you feel when creating it and how you portray that to others viewing it.

Becoming an Artist for Dummies is a little robot that pushes you to create art every day. It motivates you by encouraging you to keep going when creating art and yells at you when you are not. It also inspires you every day by displaying random pieces of artwork and showing how much they recently sold for. Sparking your creativity and driving the point that anything can be art.

It will help you when you don’t know how to do something technically, but also

Artwork is so subjective and constantly changing, ANYBODY can become an artist, and EVERYBODY should try it at least once.


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