Upper Arlington Party Bus


The Upper Arlington Party Bus proposal is proposed as a luxurious and fun makeover of the circulator. This public transportation option will enjoyable and entertaining, making all residents want to use it. It provides an opportunity for socialization, and will make long rides more fun and less dreaded. There will be amenities such as karaoke, customizable music playlists, and TVs for movies or community news. The goal is to continue build community and socializations within the Upper Arlington population. Because this bus will be such a fun environment, people in the community may even experience fomo—fear of missing out—and opt to take the party bus over driving themselves, simply for the community and socializing aspect. This will also service as an access point for those who cannot drive. 

Critically this brings up how to cultivate a space within the circulator that allows for socialization and an atmosphere that people want to be. The rides could potentially be lengthy, so how do we account for being able to have fun or even relax on the bus. How could we also account for different moods? Do people want to have a party experience? Or a place that is meditative and relaxing? Which will facilitate easier mobility and promote socialization? What can be done within a circulator that already has a fixed interior?