Holo Avatar


The Holo Avatar is designed to illustrate the problems associated on the business side of running an interactive experience company or installation during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in numerous lockdowns and is still leading towards lack of in person interactions in many public places including theme parks, museums, and other immersive experiences.

The Holo Avatar allows users to log into the avatar’s body which is installed in the interactive experience. Once logged in, the users would experience the hologram bodies as if they were their own. They could move the hologram bodies around the museum and interact with the exhibits as would be intended if they were able to be there in person. They would be able to control exhibits and move objects and also interact with other users inside of their hologram bodies.

This radical conjecture would allow museums to be able to operate during a pandemic or times in which it is impossible for individuals to be able to travel to the museum. Not only this, but it would also allow individuals to log into a hologram body in a museum that is geographically far away from them solving another business hurdles institutions face of customers traveling to their exhibits to experience them.


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