Conjecture For Collecting Loose Tubes


When healthcare workers are moving patients around the hospital whether that be to the OR, an MRI, or CT scan transport is left with no choice but to place the tubes and wires on top of the patient and wheel them down the hallway. This system does not hurt the patient but it is inconvenient and disorganized. There are racks that hold the tubes into place above the patient but for the most part these can be tricky to use or just inconvenient. In this Conjecture I have created a way of having the tubes retract back into the arms of the bed. This leaves the patient free to receive care and allows for nothing to be in the way while people are trying to help the patient in times of crisis.

In this scenario I have decided to place the oxygen tank under the bed so it will not get in the way during transport but it is strategically placed towards the back of the bag so doctors can easily reload tanks when necessary. Also, there will be an oxygen reader next to the ventilator monitor so doctors can monitor these things at the same time. When patients are placed back in the ICU the system will flip forward but wont have to leave the bed.


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