Wright Flyer III at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park


Like any other national park in the country, it’s the people, the places and the stories which form the heart and soul of each park. Stories of the people and the places which tell us more about the history of each site and a little bit about the history of our country and about who we are as Americans. Here at Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park, you’ll find an evolving story of two ingenious brothers and one America’s greatest African-American poets. But the stories don’t begin and end with just these three amazing men. Their stories coalesce around the many people who supported and loved them and the places where the magic of these brilliant minds were showcased.

There are five National Historic Landmarks and a National Register Historic District located within Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park. These include the Wright Cycle Company building, Hoover Block, Huffman Prairie Flying Field, 1905 Wright Flyer III, Hawthorn Hill, and the Paul Laurence Dunbar State Memorial. Together these sites tell the stories of the lives and legacies of Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright, and Paul Laurence Dunbar.

The world’s first practical airplane, built by the Wright brothers in 1905 and flown at Huffman Prairie Flying Field, is the centerpiece of the Wright Brothers Aviation Center at Dayton History’s Carillon Historical Park. Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1990.


This page on the National Park Service’s website shows a few things that are attractions in the Dayton area, one of which is the Wright Flyer III which is stored and on display at the Wright Brothers Aviation Center at Dayton History’s Carillon Historical Park. I think that the way we use history as art is an interesting thing we can incorporate into our coworking space. The coworking space can connect both the residents and the visitors to the history. I think that it could also be a way to attract visitors; creating a space that has a resemblance to the first airplanes. Ideas to think about!