Like GMOs, Minus the Baggage

by John Killmer | August 18, 2015


“Almost 60 years ago I stood beneath a blazing Louisiana sun, up to my knees weeding in the tepid, mosquito-infested water of my father’s rice field. It was the 1950s, and I was nine years old. I eventually got off that farm, but the experience made me devote myself to developing technology to make agriculture more productive and its practice less physically demanding.”

Killmer talks about the benefits of sprayed-on RNA to alter crops without permanent genetic modification. Currently the technology is too expensive to be viable. This could be a great opportunity for organic growers to use genetic modification selectively depending on the needs of their specific environment or growing season.

This piece highlights potential for new growing techniques and hits on an opportunity for farmers to reintroduce being genetically creative into their practices again.


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