Passive Polls While Waiting Long Lines


The idea here is to hang up a bulletin board that people would pass while waiting in line.

Each week will display a new question. They can either be silly questions like, “how many holes does a straw have? 0,1,2?”… or they can be valuable questions like, “which of these foods do you prefer?”

The information on the latter will help the food pantry to know their community a bit better so that they can work to fit their customer’s desires.

This board should also help to make the line feel shorter and more connected to the rest of the clients without being an invasion of privacy.

Potential issues with this idea are mostly related to COVID-19. Will people feel safe enough to reahc into a bucket of pins to answer a silly poll? Are people willing to get out of their car just to give their opinion? The answer to these questions are probably no for the vast majority of customers.

More effective ways to have customer engagement, especially while waiting in line, is a beneficial idea to research further.