Conjecture: Friends Room


Concept description: Friends Room is a service provided by AMC, which allows you to invite your friends to have an immersive movie experience online. Firstly, customers need to create a virtual room on the AMC online platform and place an order of the IMMERSIVE service. Then the system will send the invitations to the friends you want to have in the room. Each friend will have to pay the service fee and later will receive a package delivered by AMC, which includes a personal cinema headset and a haptic suit. While using the set of equipment, customers can have a 4D or immersive experience. The picture quality and sound effect will be as high as the theater. The haptic suit will enhance the theatrical experience, customers are able to feel the heat, cold, the drizzles, and shock from the movies. Also, they can communicate with each other and have a feeling of companions that is similar like friends are around by them.


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