Design Conjecture: Business


Localove serves as a store front to connect consumers to locally sourced foods. It strives to offer reduced prices by cutting out long travel times and decentralizing food systems. The aim of Localove is to offer a spot for consumers to get everything they need while not sacrificing nutrition for cost. Additionally, the store would ideally be able to operate in low-income areas due to cutting out the cost associated with long transportation times.

By having a “one-stop-shop” for all necessities localove offers convenience while promoting a sustainable and resilient food system. The goal of Localove is to also act as a chain establishment that provides the infrastructure necessary to open smaller storefronts in locations nationwide; specifically in places that would not be profitable for larger chain grocery stores. Additionally, the aim of this chain would be to employ local members of the community; offering career paths along with a deeper connection to where their food comes from and an opportunity for a diverse diet.