UV Sanitation Center / Rental Kiosk – A Design Conjecture


The UV Sanitation Center is a general purpose public utility space that could exist in the post COVID world. The idea of this service center is that it would offer a place to drop off “widgets” (widgets defined as anything you can hold) for them to be sanitized. A potential application of this technology could be in a shared use, rented object context where physical widgets are transferred from user to user. These centers would offer a drop off location for potentially contaminated widgets that would cycle through a process of sterilization and UV sanitation, for them to be recycled out into the world. If one of these centers was in a tool or bike rental facility, the concept would allow for a trusted use of the sharing economy, as COVID-19 or other transmissible disease related concerns would be eradicated. One of the most captivating scientific advancements to become widely used during the pandemic is Ultra Violet light emission as a tool for disinfection. It is renewable, produces no physical waste and has proven itself as a useful technology in many high-stakes contexts, most notably within the medical field. This conjecture offers the technology for general, adaptable use as a tool for maintaining trust and safety within the sharing economy.