Planning and pandemics COVID 19 illuminates why urban planners should have listened to food advocates all along.



This article, written by Samina Raja, makes claims that the most important action right now is that of the 40,000 LRM governments in the US (local, regional, metropolitan). They have the power to make more personal and empowering impacts for people in need. 

As of 2014, when asked in a survey, only 1% of these officials viewed food systems as a primary area of public concern. “Yet, in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic food related work has suddenly been redefined as ‘essential,’ as if there was any time when people did not eat,” writes Samina. 

Fortunately, these governments — as well as local organization — are taking action now. The article references a fantastic source from Growing Food Connection (GFC) which have a growing database of the action that these LMR governments are taking to address food-insecurity in their area. Although a lot will change, it is especially important that this work helps the immediate problems as well as potential problems in the future.


For my project, I can use the GFC database as inspiration for how to help in my particular area. Ideally, I would be able to use this added motivation as a way to grow support for this project