COVID-19 and Food Insecurity: an Uneven Patchwork of Responses



This article from the Journal of Urban Health offers lots of information about what the federal government has done in response to the coronavirus. They have made a few changes to help families with food insecurity.  SNAP  (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) has increased their wages as well as broadened the amount of people eligible. Local food pantries have also taken these steps to increase their aid. One way the state government is offering their support is through student-lunch programs. 

Additionally, this publishing discusses the new challenges that low-income households are being confronted with during COVID-19. Transportation is certainly an issue, either publicly or through ride-sharing.  Additionally , this demographic is much more sensitive to low-stocked grocery stores from initial hoarding. One solution to this problem has been the utilization of SNAP for online shopping, which has recently become a viable option in most states. 


This article includes the website of an interactive map (as shown in the image above) that displays where increased need around the US is needed. It shows that the Mid-west has been hit hard in the past few months.  Hopefully this will offer me a great opportunity space to offer my design-skills as a way to help people in need