Wiivv Uses Phone App to Help make Custom 3D printed Shoe Insoles



Wiivv enables customers to use a smart phone app to take pictures of their feet, generating up to 200 data points. The company then uses proprietary and commercial image processing techniques to prepare data for 3D printing of individualized athletic shoe insoles. As of early 2017, Wiivv is producing tens of thousands of customized insoles a year.

“3D printing has allowed us to remove most of the limitations of traditional manufacturing methods and focus solely on how we should best solve the problem at hand and design exactly for that solution,” says Michael Salmon, design lead for Wiivv. “It allows us to be 100-percent custom with our insoles. Otherwise we would have to cut individual tools, get castings of each foot for heat molding, and use many other expensive or time-consuming processes.”

“3D printing has four main advantages,” says Chris Bellamy, senior product and manufacturing engineer for Wiivv. “One, there is no tooling investment; two, it enables mass customization; three, it gives us design freedom; and four, it provides fast turnaround.”

Analysis: This article shows the process of using 3d printing to customize shoe inserts specifically to the consumers feet. It validates the point that the world is intrigued by customization. With a simple foot scan off of a phone app it allows the company to create perfect fitting, comfortable shoe inserts.