The Compostable Shoe- Science and Tech Conjecture


The Compostable Shoe, is a shoe that is fully 3d printed in bioplastic, compostable materials. The main goal of The Compostable Shoe is to reduce the amount of waste coming from the shoe industry. Every year 300 million pairs of shoes get thrown away. Why you might ask? Because we live in a consumer world. People love buying new things and buying new styles. So why not give them all this while also protecting our Earth from mountains of shoes that take 40+ years to decompose. The Compostable shoe is 100% 3d printed. Using Willowflex technology the shoe is printed custom fit to the consumer. After a long use or until the consumer is done, they can choose to either thrown away the shoes or bury them allowing them to decompose over a year period. Now thee consumer can rest easy knowing that shoes will no longer be sitting around in a landfill for 40+ years. Instead they can be gone in a year and the shoe industry will no longer create so much waste.