Nike Grind is Creating Shoes from its Own Waste


The material, branded Nike Grind, is made from recycled sneakers, plastic bottles and manufacturing scraps from Nike’s factories. Old shoes, collected through the company’s Reuse-A-Shoe program, are sliced into three parts and then ground into rubber bits, foam or a fluffy fiber. Besides using the materials in the company’s own products, Nike sells them to buyers who use them to line running tracks, playgrounds, gym and weight room floors and carpet underlay. 

To demonstrate that its commitment to a waste-free system is more than a publicity play, the company announced on Wednesday a partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the British nonprofit dedicated to building a so-called “circular economy.” That concept, which essentially emulates nature, means reforming the entire industrial system to recycle waste and eliminate pollution. 

Analysis: This article shows how big businesses are trying to become more sustainable. Nike uses excess materials that are usually discarded in their facilities and reusable materials from old shoes to make new shoes. This shows how big businesses are trying to come into the circular economy and do so by giving new life to worn out materials.