An Expansion of the MyCup Program


Several years ago, OSU launched a successful sustainability program in student dining called the MYCup program. In the model, students receive a free reusable water bottle, printed with their name, and set with a chip in the bottom which gives them ten free refills at any drink station on campus. MYDiningSet looks to expand on the success of this program in two ways. First, all students in their freshman year would be given a free set of easy-to-carry, to-go dining ware, printed with their name. When students eat anywhere on campus, and use their re-usable dining ware, they receive a discount on their purchase, much like the model which has been adopted by many grocery stores who give discounts to shoppers who bring their own bags. When students do not have their MyDiningSet, they have the option to check out reusable dining ware. Each loaner is outfitted with a bar code, much like a library book. Students can drop off their loaner dining ware at any of the drop-off receptacles, available in all dining locations and dorm buildings. The receptacle contents are collected and checked back in each weekday in the dorms, and each day in the dining locations. Those units which are not returned after a period of time, result in a very small, fixed-amount fine. Together, the MyDiningSet and the reusable loaner program allow for campus dining to eliminate the need for single-use containers, cups, and silverware.