Focus Conjecture: Sense & Beeper


Sense & Beeper- Find a way to implement a sensor on the car windshield in order to detect the driver is watching the road. Once their eyes are taken off (perhaps a 1 second or more) an annoying sound will go off, similar to when the driver is unbuckled and the car will either beep at the driver or yell at them, as seen in newer vehicle models. A blinker could also be used in this situation, a small light in the car that will blink until the driver puts down their phone. It could not be too distracting, and would be best to be similar to the low gas or unbuckled seat belt alert. This idea could also work with placing a similar sensor on the smartphone. There is already facial recognition, so if the phone can sense that their user is driving, a similar deterrent can be implemented with either beeping or locking, with emergency use still available as always.