Art Conjecture: Abstract Emotions Art Gallery


This art gallery encourages art therapy to help patients heal. Since Pectus Excavatum patients are sitting most of the day, this exercise promotes a more emotional and mental form of recovery. Each day, the patient uses a small piece of paper to depict how they are feeling. They are encouraged to use abstract shapes, different colors, mediums, and techniques. It is a very non-confrontational way to express how they are feeling in a seemingly non-intimidating form of communication.

They are then invited to write one sentence on the back of the card to put words to the feelings. These words can either be chosen to keep secret and never shown to others, or flipped for viewing at the Abstract Emotions Art Gallery showing.

After all the works are collected, one can see a personal and visual representation of their recovery. This daily exercise can be a great way to comprehend how much progress has been made over time and how far they’ve come since surgery. The routine can also make the teen feel like they are accomplishing a goal independently and momentarily take their mind off bodily discomforts. Future patients can then go to the gallery and see the words and artwork from past patients about what to expect and how to handle it.