A System to Gain Immediate Feedback for Student’s Research: Business Conjecture


by Ty Nock

            Getting enough feedback on your work can be a hassle for university students. Most students must resort to surveys or other anonymous forms to retain any data. However, surveys don’t always give accurate results since they are not physically with a person and the responses can be very delayed. How can we provide students with the ability to gain accurate feedback on their work in real time?

            This presentation system could be the answer to this issue. With this model, students will propose a presentation topic to the event space coordinator. If the coordinator does not approve the topic, the student must refine their topic to be eligible to present. If the coordinator approves the topic, a poll will be sent out to students to see if anyone would be interested in attending the presentation and can sign-up if so. If not enough student sign-up to attend, the student is asked to refine the topic. If there are enough attendees, the event space coordinator will organize the event and the student may present their topic and research. Once the presentation is over, the student can gain feedback and insight from the attendees and make connections with other attendees. Not only does the student benefit from this system, but so do the attendees and recognition is gained at the event space.