Woman Photoshops Her Face In 25 Countries To Compare Their Beauty Standards


by Art Fido

U.S.-based journalist and photographer Esther Honig came up with an interesting photo project that answers a difficult question in an ingenious way – how can we compare standards of women’s beauty world-wide?

Honig’s solution was brilliantly simple: she sent a portrait photo of herself to freelance Photoshoppers in countries around the world with one request – to make her “beautiful.” Each Photoshopper, be they a professional or an amateur, took their own spin on the assignment, giving Honig (and us) a glimpse at what at least one person in each of these countries considers to be beautiful. Honig’s face subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) shifts, changing form and color as it travels around the world.

This was interesting to see how beauty is viewed across the globe and how this can go further than just makeup trends and into actual facial features. Seeing how some countries had a lot of makeup photoshopped on vs. others having very little made me realize that makeup may be more prevalent in some countries than others and that different places have different makeup treads/beauty standards.