Switch Top Brushes – Focus Conjecture


After watching the video showing an example of an everyday “zero waste” makeup routine, I learned that there really are not sustainable solutions out there for makeup brushes. The woman just uses the same brushes she’s had before going zero waste or ones her friends have “donated” to her since then. SwitchTop Brushes offers a better way to have the same range of brushes used for different types of applications, but allows for a cut down on material use. The idea is to use one brush handle for all brushes rather than having twenty-five brushes, all with a very similar handle.

I also looked into brush sizes, realizing that they could be grouped into two main size groups, small and large. Some are much bigger, used for full face application, while others are smaller detail brushes used for smaller areas like the eyes or lips. This is why I decided to make the handle dual ended. The cylinder is tapered so that one side fits larger brushes while the other side fits detail brushes. The handle would ideally be made out of recycled material, while also being recyclable. The brush heads would held together with a metal casing, this being the part that clicks into the handle.


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