iOS 11 tries, yet still falls short


“Make no mistake, DNDWD is a BFD (Big Freakin’ Deal). For the first time, one of tech’s big guns is taking aim at the deadly problem of distracted driving in America. Every single day, nine people die on our roads because someone got distracted while at the wheel, often because they just had to check their email or send a really urgent text (“on my way!”). The National Highway Safety Administration blames distracted driving for the biggest annual percentage jump in highway deaths in 50 years.”

My Take: This article deals with Apple’s strategy for combating distracted drivers using their phones.They are releasing a new iOS (11) that will feature a new mode that prevents drivers from being able to access their iPhone will driving a car. There is however nothing from stopping the driver from disabling this mode, and continuing to surf the web or text. This solution only applies to those are who willing to make a conscious effort to remain off of their phones while driving. Therefore this is still a relevant problem that Apple still has yet to solve.