Business Conjecture: “Rent a Room”


This business conjecture is centered around a system which allows families to temporarily rent furniture. The system allows patients to personalize their room based on their post-operation recovery needs. In order to make decision-making easier, the system also regularly posts reviews about their furniture from other patients who have rented it. Patients can then clearly see which chair, back support, table, or foot rest would best suit their needs. It is a scope-based system, so Rent a Room’s top priority is providing customers with quality products and services. If parents are stuck at the hospital and unable to go pick up the furniture, Rent a Room also offers home delivery, setup, and disassembly. It aims to work closely with patients, parents, former patients, and a reliable furniture company to provide the best post-operative recovery room at an affordable price point.

Hospitals can also play an important part in the system by providing parents with the website link in their pre-operative packets. Since most parents are already paying large sums for surgery and hospital care, they may be relieved to see a more affordable alternative to outfitting their home for their children’s recovery process. Rent a Room aims to provide quality furniture at competitive prices while still meeting each patient’s personal needs.