I guess boys can do it too… genderless gear in 2019 : Bussiness Conjecture


After examining the current trends in the outdoor industry and advertising, there is a strong trend toward marketing to women, with a focus on empowerment. In this conjecture, I will be exploring these trends through a proposed advertising campaign and products that focus on the right fit over the gendering of products.

The advertising campaign will feature men and women participating in outdoor activities together in equal standing. The tag line for the campaign is “I guess boys can do it too,” flipping the current advertising trend of focusing on the empowerment of women. In the past advertising has never explicitly used the empowerment of men as a selling point in the same way as they do for women. However, in this context, it’s more of a dig on gender-exclusive marketing. This tagline will be paired with text that says, “Gear for everyone MEANS everyone.” This advertising campaign is in promotion for a line of gear that is gender inclusive.

The main focus of this product line will be to create products that are inclusive of all gender expressions. Instead of having “men” and “women” versions of products they will come in “broad” and “slim” fits. Each fit will be available in the same color palettes. By removing gendered terms from products, individuals will have to put more focus on fit to find one that accommodates their body better.

example of a boot that would be in the product line