Copenhagen Aims To Be World’s First Carbon Neutral Capital By 2025


By David Nikel, Forbes, Aug 22, 2019

“The transition to a green economy has long been a priority for city bosses in Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen. The efficient transit systems, from buses and trains to one of the world’s most extensive cycle lane networks, are impossible to ignore. Five years ago the city was praised as a “green economy leader” in a London School of Economics (LSE) report. But city leaders now want to push things much further.

The city is in the process of expanding Nordhavn from an industrial port to a mixed-use residential and commercial neighborhood. Rather than just row after row of luxury apartments, the district is being designed as a self-contained community. “We created a new vision for transportation: the ‘five-minute city,’ we called it, which means that the city is planned in a way that it only takes you five minutes to walk from your apartment to a kindergarten, to shops, to public amenities,” Søren Hansen from design and engineering firm Ramboll told Fast Company.”