Reveal the Potential of Intelligent Environments


by GE Current

Reveal the Potential of Intelligent Environments

Businesses are just beginning the transition to LED lighting in millions of commercial and industrial buildings in the United States. While the immediate goal is energy efficiency, connected lighting has the potential to unleash additional productivity and revenue outcomes, and to prepare organizations for the future of smart building technology.

Data & Analytics

The addition of sensors and controls technologies enables LED lighting to become an all-sensing network compiling data and adding analytics and insights required to drive additional productivity and efficiency.

Efficiency Mastered

An energy management system integrates data from the connected network with a building’s vital systems – such as HVAC, lighting and refrigeration – to deliver data intelligence and can respond accordingly through controls in real time, enhancing long-term energy savings.

Productivity Plus

An open platform ensures limitless software and services opportunities through our diverse partner ecosystem. This results in greater efficiency and productivity in commercial office and industrial settings and new revenue streams in retail.

Holistic View

Only Current, powered by GE, offers this holistic approach and the assets required to achieve such a high level of energy efficiency and productivity for commercial and industrial business.

Current by GE offers energy management systems to commercial buildings, industrial facilities, retail stores and cities, etc. The built-in sensor allows lights to monitor its surrounding environments, collect and extrapolate data to ensure safety. These technologies have brought up new possibilities when it comes to safety in public spaces.


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