Does Design Care? Workshop

Sébastien Proulx attended the Does Design Care workshop host at Chiba University, Japan.

1 to 3 July 2019

Does Design Care…? is a workshop/seminar for academics and practitioners from various disciplines at any level of experience who are involved and/or interested in the gesture and/or practice of “Care” at large.

In the autumn of 2017, the first Does Design Care…? workshop took place at Imagination, Lancaster University, UK. Agroup of 28 researchers and practitioners from 16 nations across 5 continents discussed, acted and reflected upon “Care”. These activities led to the collaborative essay – The Lancaster Care Charter, published recently in Design Issues, which was written in response to the vital question “Does Design Care…?

Via a series of conversations, stimulated by a range of presentations that explored a range of provocations, insights and more questions, the group provided answers for the contemporary context of Care, “The Lancaster Care Charter” presents a collective vision and sets out new pragmatic encounters for the design of Care and the care of Design.

Following on from this hugely successful international Does Design Care…? workshop, we wish to extend the conversations, presentations, insights, more questions and are now ready for the second act of our long and difficult journey towards a better understanding and future visions of what Care is and could be.

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