Faculty Cart

As a faculty member teaching throughout Hayes Hall, I have to carry a lot of materials with me, such as books, computers, peripherals, and handouts for students. To limit my need of going back and forth to my office, I challenged students to conceive a simple cart to assist me in carrying all my materials for the day.



Sebastien Proulx


Spring 2020

Class number

Design 3151



• Capacity to develop a product with respect to constraints and requirements
• Capacity to develop a creative and relevant solution
• Execution of technical drawings
• Execution (craftmanship) of the 1:3 scale model
• Execution of the colored persuasive sketch


• Must be able to be easily moved in and out of Hayes Hall studios
• Must be capable of neatly and securely holding medium and small pieces
• Construction material is limited to one piece of 5’ X 5’ 3/4” Baltic birch plywood


• 1:3 scale model made of chipboard on the laser cutter
• (students were provided with a 20” X 20” piece of chipboard)
• 1:12 CAD technical drawing, 6 views (plan, 4-side elevations, isometric view)
• A minimum of three 11” X 17” sheets of thumbnail progressive sketches
• (starting with primitive form)
• A final colored persuasive sketch