Nudge in Weinland Park

For this assignment, students designed and built a playful urban installation in a strategic location in Weinland Park. Through this assignment, students had to reflect on how to leverage the principles behind nudge theory. The solution had to focus on one of the following issues (identified by a Weinland Park community member).

• Pedestrian safety (specifically at the 7th and Summit intersection but also in general around the neighborhood…kids like to play out front and cars like to zoom through)
• Trash (both in the park and around the neighborhood)
• Active living


Sebastien Proulx






• Capacity to gather insightful information through research
• Capacity the develop disruptive ideas and concepts
• Capacity to use prototyping to identify knowledge gaps
• Capacity to visually and verbally communicate a design opportunity



Step 1 – Critical analysis of an urban intervention that relies on nudge strategies
• Find an existing design intervention and critically analyze it.
Step 2 – Two places / two interventions
• Visit Weinland Park to select two places and develop intervention proposals for each.
Step 3 – Concept development and visualization
• Develop the selected concept, draw a user journey map, and visualize the intervention in context.