Sponsored by the Office of Distance Education and eLearning (ODEE) Affordable Learning Exchange grant program, the Scrapbrary project invited students to design a communal resource center intended for design students. The goal of the project was to design a rolling cart model capable of organizing leftover materials from design students. In that sense, this product-service-system project promoted sustainability, affordability, and belonging using a shared economy model. The central touchpoints of the service were six rolling carts to be distributed in each design studio within Hayes Hall.


Sebastien Proulx


Spring 2018

Class number

Design 3151


• Capacity to develop a product in respect to constraints and requirements
• Capacity to develop a creative and relevant solution
• Capacity to use colors
• Execution of the technical drawings

• Rolling cart
• Must be able to be easily moved in and out of the design studios
• Must be capable of neatly and securely holding large and small pieces
• Construction material is limited to two pieces of 5’X5’ 3/4” Baltic birch plywood
• Sturdy construction limiting the need for repairs
• Surface will be laminated (color)

• 1:4 Scale model made of 1/8 plywood on the laser cutter
(Students will be provided with a 30”X15” piece of plywood and four 3D printed 1:4 scale casters)
• 1:12 CAD Technical drawing, 6 views (Plan, 4-side elevations, Isometric view)
• Colored Persuasive Sketch

• OSU ODEE, ALX Grant Program