Sustainable Houseware Product

Building on the previously documented cases, students paired in teams of two and designed a housewares product to be sold during the winter market.
To begin, students had to develop two concept proposals: one around a randomly assigned case and one around a case of their choosing. The concept development followed a four-step process:

Step 1
• Existing product analysis and opportunity identification

Step 2
• Opportunity exploration
• Rapid prototyping
• Market testing

Step 3
• Students presented two concepts to a professional jury that selected which concept should be further developed. Concepts were judged on originality, marketability, and feasibility regarding manufacturing constraints.

Step 4
• Following the ideation phase, each team developed and manufactured a housewares product. Students made 10 replicas of their product and their packaging.


Sebastien Proulx


August 2018

Class number

Design 4101


• Capacity to identify an opportunity and propose an innovative marketable product
• Capacity to explore a divergent solution
• Capacity to develop a concept within constraints and requirements
• Capacity to develop an effective manufacturing process
• Capacity to conduct market testing and improve a product based on feedback


• Demonstrate concerns for sustainability, such as the use of reclaimed materials
• Design a product suitable for sale at the holiday market
• Cost of production is limited to $100 for 10 replicas of the product + $20 for packaging
• The 10 replicas of the product should be manufactured in 15 hours or less, once the setup is complete